My sponsored 78 shovelhead build thread


everything is so high quality that it makes the wastegate solenoid look like garbage. have you considered painting it black something?


You Italians and your humor.


forgot to add, re HID: it’s probably more the ballast than the bulb making it look blue. those small / cheaper ones don’t give enough “power” to the bulbs. I recently switched from cheap xentec ballasts to VVME ones keeping the same 4300k bulbs and the color output changed from blue to white. With 3k I have read that with cheap ballasts the output looks green instead of yellow (which might even look good on this)


The WG actuator never has stood out as ugly to me at all. I’m not concerned, really. You could be right about the ballast, but the only ones that are small enough to run are the shitty ones. It may not even work with no battery on the bike, so I’m gonna wait and see what happens.


you dont need a headlight just ask WOZ about our recent ride


I’m just coming from the angle of everything around it down to the smallest details is complex and custom… then you have this big plain stamped metal thing.


There are 100 other things I’d change before worrying about that. Maybe someday.


Fixed the blems in the fender from dropping it, and what I couldn’t fix I covered.


burn outs?


no tank pics on here yet?


He gets it today.

Andy’s paint work looks top notch as usual.


I saw it already somewhere else. Pretty rad scheme.




Bike looks good man. Top notch work.


Only a few minor things to do before I give her the fire. (Make tank holdown washer, attach badges)
I will probably change the grips out.

And then just to cheese off the Harley dorks, I made these badges for the tank on the 3d printer:


Love the badges :tup:


They’ll love the JDM tweak, I’m sure!


Harry Danielson


I like.


I want to hear this thing! So good.