My sponsored 78 shovelhead build thread


legit. :tup:


tank design looks great.


yep Love it all except the grips.

so are you going to put a hitch on the E30 and customize a trailer to match? waiting for build thread…


there were MANY good names we came up with during our brainstorm session


I can just imagine lol.




people always wish they had the skill, creativity, and access to equipment like you do and how they could/would build a “siqq” car/truck/bike/toy but in reality most people wouldn’t, its too much work for them, the things you think of then build and design are amazing. the e30 and the shovel and just beyond impressive and I cant wait to see this thing, and the two side by side haha


The only thing I dont like is that 2x4 on the floor…make something in its place


Following this build [hopefully] helps people realize the amount of time, skill and creativity goes into something like this.

Will the exhaust look much different after she runs for a bit?


I bet you’re stoked to fire this thing up!


change the grips to black, other than that this bike is amazing, the badges are epic.


I think the white stripes are too much. there is a lot going on in/around the engine and the tank just adds to it. Maybe if the fender matched? idk.


LOL I’m actually laughing at those badges, I think they’ll be a nice touch, but in reality someone may get pissed and kick this thing over, happened to me.


Thank you. I deal with that a lot, actually. People simply don’t have any idea how much time and EFFORT stuff like this actually takes. “Oh you designed and built your own foot controls? What did that take, like a day?” Try 10-12 days. People just don’t get it. Even people who “build” cars often are really just installing parts. Maybe they have to weld up a charge pipe or two. I’m not saying this to sound elitist, most people just haven’t ever tried doing stuff like this, so they just don’t know.

Also, the exhaust will probably get a lot browner once run, which is a good thing. The “wall of silver” on the right side is sort of overwhelming, though it’s much much worse in pictures.



It is truely hard to believe that bike is even a Harley Davidson (although I hardly know anything about them other than seeing them out and about).

Nice work. It’s very “newman”.

Can wait to see some pics of you out and about riding it.


Yea, everyone is a critic on the internet. I’m sure my opinion would change if/when I see it in person


just like I said on facebook, BADASS. i don’t really “know” you but i hope you could swing in my shop with it one day so the guys here and myself could check it out, i have been showing them all your progress on this build…and they love the e30 too


i am dying to hear what this sounds like!!


I cant wait to see a photo shoot of all your toys.


Video shortly, but it runs :tup: