My sponsored 78 shovelhead build thread


As soon as Vimeo chugs away on it, the video should show up below:


Oh my, that thing really came together. Great work


stop kicking like a sissy


breaker breaker 1-9 when you gonna pull something on long haul with that rig there rubber duck, over.

Sounds like a fucking semi.


Goddamnit…that is just freakin’ cool man. Nice work.


Does your left leg hurt from bashing it on the rear fender and support every time you kicked?


?? If my leg was hitting something I didn’t even notice.


Every kick lol


Definitely not


whistle tips!



God damn this thing is impressive


Is this AWD yet?




Looked like a bear to kick over lol. couple days left to iron out minor details right?


fresh engine DOO


He’s on his way to MY. Think they just go by pics if its done or not or maybe the video? No idea actually.




Can you post up the calculations showing your body weight with enough mass to actually kick start the bike. Would’ve sucked if you got the whole thing together and were too skinny to actually start it.:sb:


so wait … he’s not keeping it AWD?