My sponsored 78 shovelhead build thread


Can we get some updates???

did you win?


He’s on the other side of the planet at the moment. I’m sure there will be more updates when he’s home :tup:


Did you win the contest?


Did you win the contest?


Did you win the contest?


Did you win the contest?


Did you lose the contest?


You bastard^


Has your hard work and talent yielded you a prize in the aforementioned contest?


this thing awd yet?


No burnout clips?


He won first place in bobber according to my google research


last year?

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December 24, 2012 at 3:21pm ·


Didn’t notice the stamp. That was when they picked the winners for who was going to be in the contest, from what I re-read.


Ah, that makes sense.


I havent heard anything from anyone about this, other than we needed to provide pro photos. I missed the get-together though because I was in Malaysia.

Will post more when I know more. Still gotta tie up some loose ends on the bike.


“you making it awd?”



Is there some crazy formula to figure out roughly what jets you should start with for fuel?


gotta say this is fucking awesome! good work man :tup:


saw a FB announcement about the greasy dozen, seems your bike is the star of most of the pics used for spreading the word hahaha. when’s voting?