My sponsored 78 shovelhead build thread


OMG Bull49 is going to be so ANGRY.


I just want to see some more HD photos and video’s of this. Too much to ask?


Sounds to me like it’s not a competition with a winner and just simply a showcasing of the work of the dozen people that were chosen to build a bike and participate. Which is actually cool.


Looks like you are right

First let’s get one thing straight “The Greasy Dozen” concept is not a “build off” in fact it’s basically the exact opposite of a bike build off. Really the Greasy Dozen is about working together supporting built not bought culture, home builders, and small shops.


Some pictures of it I never posted:

A few more:




Looks proper.





So rad!


ungfff… must sit down.




Awesome thread! I’m glad I have 2 monitors at work and can multitask 3 hrs worth of “car stuff” along side my real work. lol!

As a custom builder and aspiring machinist myself I loved the one off parts you did along the way. The chain tensioner, oil lines for the rocker boxes, the triples, and the rest of the parts you designed and made yourself kept me intrigued the entire way. I learned A LOT from just following your build here and reverse engineering it all in my head sort of. Totally dug that you’re just like me, in the sense that you will put way too much time and effort into some parts that nobody but you will know were there, like the voltage regulator bracket! That proves that you care about your work to the extent that it doesn’t NEED to please anyone but you in the end.

The bike as a whole has a lot going on, its busy when you look at it as a whole but then you work your way around it and see how it all flows and falls into place one section to the next… it’s almost like the bike shrinks itself into a nice well sculpted complete package. Then makes you say “man that’s a lot of awesome work put into this bike”. That is EXACTLY how a true custom show bike should be built. You nailed it man!


this bike is tough


Gonna sell it?




It’s nice in buffalo now @newman, vidz?


send it out here for born free


What happened to this???


He really pissed off a bunch of old school Harley guys with his “harey davison” badge and they blew up his bike with a mentos and pepsi bomb.


I heard tinfoil and drano, not mentos and pepsi