My sponsored 78 shovelhead build thread


Sounds too believable…


Haha, I’ve been doing a lot of travelling lately. I’ll try and roll it out of the garage sooner or later. At this point in time I’m not very interested in it but maybe that will change.


I saw a new special on Discovery for a series called Biker Live that is just about to start up, make me think about this.

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In every corner of America, backyard bike builders have been creating motorcycle works of art that haven’t got the attention they deserve.
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#BikerLive gives viewers a raw and real look inside the world – and personalities – of custom motorcycle builders. Each episode follows 3 bike builders who are given 5 weeks and $15,000.00 to build their dream bike.
America will ultimately decide that very night, LIVE, who built it best in that region.
#BikerLive will give talented builders across the country the opportunity to bring their shop to the next level and give viewers a chance to see some of the best custom builds in the world.


5 weeks and $15k to build a dream bike? right, lol.


I know right? $15k is nothing. @newman you should show these guys up when they are done. I bet no bike they build will even come close to this one.



Dude, i’m not trying to jump on any sacks this morning… uhhhhh wut…

…but in all my years I have never seen a more aesthetically pleasing and well engineered piece of two wheeled machinery before, either in person on online.

This is just so different from what anyone else is doing.



I really want to see this bike in the flesh.

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i just want to ride it


That’s what she said… :giggity:

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Just registered it today. I was having an issue where the whole oil bag was draining into the crankcase but I think I fixed that. I had the turbo feed connected to the oil pressure port, but didn’t realize this was before the checkball in the pump, so I rerouted it to the tapped screen plug and that seems like it fixed that issue.

There are a few small oil leaks on it that I’m finding, but my plan at this point is to just get the tuning worked out and drive it, then fix the oil leaks in the winter.

I think I need to change out the front trans sprocket as well to something a little smaller, the speed is nice but it makes driving it at slow speeds fairly difficult.

I’ll try to get some rolling videos. The thing sounds so weird.


That checkball is a pain in the ass.

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I like what I like, I guess.


you still have time to bring it out here for BF6…


:tup: lookin good dude!


Oil leaking from a Harley???


Went for my first real cruise. Thing was scary as fuck on the highway.

It had some insane headshake at speed.

I’m hoping that it is because there was only 15psi in the front and 20 in the rear. OOPS. Dumb.

I also changed out the front sprocket for a 23T instead of the 24T i had in there, didn’t take a ton of time realigning the wheel.

Also I used an actual bolt for my stem instead of a machined rod. The bolt came in at 0.997, so there is .003 of slop in it. Could be that as well.

The trail measurement is about 4" so that shouldn’t be the issue.

Anyway, it’s rich as fuck and blows black smoke everywhere (not blue, phew). Oil drain system seems to be working well.

It’s still a motherfucker to start hot, for some reason. Cold starts aren’t bad. Key off, two twists of the throttle, 2 kicks, key on, usually fires. Hot, if it doesn’t go on the first kick, it’s going to take 30 or more. Maybe my technique needs refinement.

Lastly, a lot of the major oil leaks stopped. I still get a few drops but nothing like before. I think a lot of the initial leaks were residual from when the entire oil bag drained into the crankcase, then flowed past the drive side crank seal and just collected in the alternator area behind the stator cover. It was just being flung out of there all over everywhere until I ran it long enough to fling it all out. Moving the feed from the oil pressure port to the tappet screen plug seems to have worked.

Anyway, on my inaugural cruise I got POURED on. I didn’t drive it too hard, but I put it away wet. :slight_smile:




I so thought you were going down, that was super sketchy, hopefully it’s fixed! :tup:


Thanks in part to my gangster balance skillz.