My sponsored 78 shovelhead build thread


so rad.

knuckle timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee




Hot display platform!


good looking cycle for sure.


A day before fuel Cleveland I took my hydraulic lifters apart and filled them with washers to convert them to solid temporarily. It’s almost always a 1 kick bike now. Here’s a video. I also fixed the oil leak on my rocker shaft caps, but the split rocker conversion tube still leaks a bit, but maybe this winter…


Sounds awesome, nice chevelle! Lol


the whistle goes woo WOO


Awesome job!


glad it’s starting up so much easier now…I remember how difficult it could be the few times you brought it to food truck tuesday.


It was hit or miss then. Plus I didn’t really know the bike that well then, either.


I love how this thing sounds

Cruise soon?


I’m game


Newman, do you frequent any bike forums that would have similar quality builds to this? Watching the time and effort that went into this was awesome, and I want to see more. My google search provided mediocre results.


Jockey Journal has many good ones. There are good ones on Chopcult, but a LOT of shit.



If you need motorcycle fab parts, I recommend getting them from lowbrow. They’re awesome, oversize checks aside.


Sweet check. You going to hang it in the garage or cash it :smiley:

Come a long way from the old turbo maxima days… :bigtup:


You might have parked it next to a dumpster, but it 'aint no trash :tup:


This caught my eye walking into the cafeteria at work today.


78’ was a good year.