My sponsored 78 shovelhead build thread


Changed out the front trials tire for something more roadworthy. Put an Avon Safety Mileage II on the front. Down’s look as cool but not crashing is cooler.


Cool, I’m interested in how it performs, and some videos!


Saturday cruise?


my pan used to run two 5.00-16 Avon SMII.



A must…


Bump. Let’s see a video of this thing cruising now that it’s warming up.


This thread bump inspired me to buy another bike, sold mine in November and have had the itch for a few weeks now. Also updates on Newman’s would be cool. Wondering about that front wobble and the Compression results!


I spent all winter working my ass off, and didn’t get done any of the things I wanted to on this:

  1. convert hydraulic lifters to solid
  2. fix minor oil leaks on head

It still runs and drives great (the replacement tire 100% fixed the wobble) just starts tough some times. I got it tuned a little better too, went up 6 jet sizes.

I’ll try to get some videos up. Here are some pics from last year and one from this year:


So much green in that last picture.


Damn nice collection!


Awesome picture, Cristian


man, that sure is a fat boy.








Congrats, well deserved.




Show was awesome, there were a LOT of people and a LOT of awesome choppers. Made some good contacts in the industry, too. If I can sell my car I am starting a new build soon.


I love how they displayed the bikes :tup: