goes down!!! :down:

wooo hoo!!! go miami :owned: :stupid: :3some:

that was awesome

fucking A. piece of shit pats go down.

:smiley: :bigthumb: Talk bout some Pressure off the STEELERS NOW…

wooooooooohooooofucking great game,!!!

hahaha…all we gotta do is win 1 of the remaining games for home field throughout

yeah but now my road trip to niagra and buffalo for the game and new years is kinda anticlimatic. i thought that would be teh game for home field, not the baltimore one. (not that i’m complaining, but if i’m gonna freeze my ass off i’d like the game to mean something.)

I watched the whole thing in the comfort of a nice cozy hotel room while getting paid :slight_smile: great game !

:zzz: :zzz: :blanyer:

ne = the suck

yeah… fuck philly though… they are having it made getting into the bowl in the nfc… there’s no competition…

now that NE lost we get some advantage, but we have to deal with ne, indy, and buffalo… so who knows.

Falcons over Eagles in NFC championship game. Mark my words.

i dont think the top 2 teams from each conference will be in the conference finals game. that never happens, there is always an upset. i wouldnt be surprised to see someone bump philly or atlanta…especially atlanta.