***** NECC Forum Registrant Survey *****

Hello NECC Forum Registrants,

In the following web link, is a survey created for the NECC. We wanted to conduct this survey so that we can understand what our non-members want out of the club. As result, we will be able to cater to your needs, and function better as a club. Please copy and paste the link into your browser, follow the instructions, and complete the questions. This survey will take no longer than 5 minutes, and it would be much appreciated.

This survey is to be filled out by those that are NOT Official NECC Members! This is for forum users only. The Official NECC Members have received their own survey, and should check their e-mail account (junk mail as well) for it.

Non-Members Survey: http://www.zoomerang.com/survey.zgi?p=WEB224T6CT6DWY

If you could please have this survey completed by noon on Thursday, November 24th, as the results will be discussed at a meeting on the 26th. This thread will be deleted shortly after.

This survey may only be taken once, and may not be forwarded to other persons in order to prevent any misrepresentations in the results.

The survey’s results will be kept anonymous and confidential.

We appreciate your participation, and look forward to another wonderful season in 2006.

Thank you,

Aaron Nerenberg
NECC President

So, have people been responding to this? Just checking.

I did, it’s funny I was thinking last week about ways to improve the club’s event’s and what not, and then bam the perfect thing happened to put my thoughts out there. Look forward to seeing the “outcome” of these Surveys.

You did fill out the member one though, right? Not this one?

I filled out the member one.

Did mine.

Guys, please make sure you fill these out if you haven’t done already. The board of directors will be taking these results very seriously and WILL be acting upon the survey results.

I filled it out.

what he said!

what he said![/quote]


ya my email was wrong in my profile so i havent recieved one yet

Dan I’ll PM you the link.

Yes, I’m like 90% sure I filled out the correct one, the other one would not have the has this been worth $20 question, correct?

Yes, I’m like 90% sure I filled out the correct one, the other one would not have the has this been worth $20 question, correct?[/quote]

Correct. If you are an official member do not fill this survey out. Fill out the one mailed to you.

Official members that didn’t receive the email can PM me for the link.

thanks for the link dave

Mine is done!!

Update time!

(Said with a whine) Oh come on guys! Currently there are 114 views of this thread and so far that has translated into ONLY TEN people looking at the survey and ONLY FIVE non-member surveys that have actually been completed. :cry

The NECC sincerely wants your input so we can make this an awesome club. It is impossible for us to know for sure what you want if you don’t tell us. If there is something that you really love about the NECC tell us. :clap If you absolutely hate something here is your chance to complain. :grrr

The survey literally takes less than five minutes and it is totally ANONYMOUS…

PULLLLLEEEEEZZZZE complete the survey!

For those that have…start bugging the others that you know on this forum that haven’t done the survey. The session in which we will be using this informaiton is this Nov 26 so we need that info quick!:help

When are you an Official NECC Member?

As soon as you join.

Mines in, gives me a chance to finally say what i think… since i dont know who send a pm to concerning memeber issues…