need a program to scan usb hard drives for defects.

Hey Guys.

I need a good program that will scan usb hard drives for defects quickly. The windows scandisk thing scans the disc in like two seconds and says its good. I doubt its doing anything but reading the smart log. If you do the search for bad sectors thing, it takes over an hour per drive. (200gb externals).

Anybody know of a free program that works better than windows scandisk and faster?


what OS, XP? Scandisk has a surface scan, that usually works pretty well.

I just use this dell/EMC array scanner, I don’t know of what else to use, sorry.

yep its for xp…

if you can obtain Norton’s disk utility it will perfrom much more thorough scans. But for a 200gb drive expect it to take forever. Thats a lot of sectors to check individually.