Need help ASAP!

my dads computer from kodak recently got a new dell wireless card and somehow it disconfigured our home netgear one.

It no longer has an IP address and I can remember the code to get a new one

I went to Run CMD, ipconfig and it shows that it does not have one there is also no subnet mask or default gateway.

What is the code I need, I thought it was iprenew but that does not work.

please halp me.

Thanks guys

ipconfig -renew

got that now its telling me that i cant do that due to the media being disconnected.

How do i reconnect that.

That means it’s not plugged in. It is recognized in the device manager?

Check the device manager, Chances are your wireless manager disabled the older card when the newer one was installed. If the Netgear card has a red “X” on it, it is disabled. Also check in “Network Connections” to see if it was disabled there.