Need injectors cleaned/balanced

Anyone know anybody that does good injector cleaning/balancing? I know of RC Engineering but am wondering if anyone knows anyone else.

RC Quoted ~$28.50 per injector.



That really isn’t a bad price

whats the process for cleaning/balancing an injector? Is it so complicated that no one locally does it? Or is it not worth the time to do it yourself

I can get them cleaned and flow tested for 15/injector. You get new o-rings installed on them before they’re returned. Turnaround time is about a week by the time they’re shipped out and shipped back.

Our machine shop on Wherle does it, but the prices do not compare with the others.

is that the machine/warehouse on wherle?

Yes, the NAPA on Werhle just before Transit.

Pricey though…


12 a peice bitches

You do realize he said CLEAN & BALANCE, all these places for $12 & $15 are only ultra sonic clean and flow test. Not balancing the injectors. For actual balancing RC is a great deal and the work is top notch


I ahve had 0 problem with any injector that has been cleaned by

Dont know what to tell you.

Cruzin is excellent!! In addition to thier place being dirt cheap as far as cost goes, you’re getting new o-rings, insulators, screens and pintle caps. ALL of that plus the flow balance and cleaning for $12 an injector.

You’ll get a sheet like the following…

Ill agree w/ matt and don here, cruzin did a great job on my injectors also, very fast.

Clean & Flow DOES NOT EQUAL Clean, Flow & Balance, I really don’t know what you people are missing here

whats so important about the balance? As long as your injectors flow approx the same, you should be fine right?

Balance is important you wouldn’t want to run a 440cc 450cc 458cc 459cc injector all in the same engine because one cylinder will always have a bit too much fuel and one will always have not enough. An issue like this will not turn up on a wide band because 1 rich and 1 lean cylinder equal out in a single exhaust pipe. Very few factory and cheaper aftermarket injectors flow exactly the same or within 1%. Take Ford SVO injectors for example, regular 30 lb.'ers cost $230, flow matched 30 lb SVOs are $360 for a set. Balanced injectors become very important when you start making some serious HP


Which is another reason I wonder about some people when they sell used injectors. By the time you buy them and do a PROPER clean/flow/balance, it would have cost less just to get new injectors.

balancing basically “matches” the set again (you will notice that most manufacturers sell “matched” sets of injectors) and ensures equal flow.

I thought the “flow” would then enable you to match your own injectors. But the fact that they can make them flow similarly and make a balanced set, would be better than trying to “balance” your own set.

I was aware of the fluctuating flow numbers, but I didn’t know matching flow numbers was called balancing.