Need tires? Good sale

Discount Tire is doing their buy 4 get $100 rebate promo again.

In addition to that several manufacturers are running their own rebate promo’s which people on slickdeals are saying can be stacked since one goes through DTD and the other goes through the manufacturer.

Just ordered a set of 245/45/17 Hankook Ventus V12 Evo’s for my car, $508. Rebates of 100 from DTD and 80 from Hanhook = 4 new tires to my door for $328.

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This is for the tires:
Here is the MFG rebate:;jsessionid=821AF4703BE0BA16FB09AEA57150A374.dtd408?irpid=10451

Good post…
I’ve been looking at getting some for my truck. It’s a POS but needs to pass inspection.

Been deciding between used or new… :expressionless:

Took advantage of this at their brick n mortar location near my house last time they did it. good deal for sure.

Hard to argue with 4 245/45/17 summer tires for $328 shipped, even if I will be swapping to my snows soon.

I was going to post this. It is hard to get tires for my truck at reasonable prices, $160 in rebates makes it better.

This was pretty good, when they did this last time, I got a set of 14 inch tires for a song.

No dance required?

my only counter point to this is that you went with V12’s.

i bought a set of V12’s last year when this sale was on and i wouldnt buy them again. they blew in the wet or cold and they didnt last very long either.

This is my 2nd set of v12’s and I love them. They’re a soft compound pure summer tire so yes, they aren’t good in the cold and they wear faster than some rock hard all seasons.

I jumped on this back around Labor Day, 5 33s and new wheels for my wrangler for 1250 after rebates, nice deal

$280 after rebate for a set of 205/60-15 HANKOOK W409. Seem to have ratings near the Michelin X-Ice and on par with the Nokian Hakka R’s I had on my Subaru… looks like I’m getting winter tires. Thanks Jay.

Where do you find the other rebates from the manufacture?

This is for the tires:
Here is the MFG rebate:;jsessionid=821AF4703BE0BA16FB09AEA57150A374.dtd408?irpid=10451

The down side with the rebates is the fact you get a prepaid visa card. In reality you are still spending the same amount. I’d rather have the cash back in my account.

replace debit/credit usage with visa card usage. it’s only a down side if you suck at managing money.


Tried to get this to work for two difference sized tires and they charge more per tire for pairs then for sets of 4

Edit: I was wrong I was comparing prices of PSS to PS2’s. Either way they don’t have the size I want.

Does anybody have the URL for the Hankook rebate?

NVM - found it

If anyone is still looking to jump on this heres a reference for winter tire ratings: Quite a few of the top tires are available on Discount Tire Direct.

Super easy to submit the electronic rebate. I got these badboys.

when you look at the rebate forms they say •Not valid with other offers.