Need to ship a motor.......

I need to ship my H22 from Charlotte NC to Illinois, zip code 60134. WHO DO I USE? Ive never shipped a motor before so I have no idea how to do it. What company should I use and how do I go about setting it all up? Any help is appreciated.

PM JuicedGT…He helped me out and is an A++ guy


its easy…PM me…with all the info you have…i can take care of it for you…i get a hefty discount for freight. and Thanks 2TurboZ

Can you do it even though Im not in Buffalo?

pm sent

For the best rate fill out the bill of lading:

For salvage value only Per NMFC# 120865, Freight Class 70

What does that mean?

it means when you go online to carrier websites for quotes or call asking for quotes, you will need a class #…use class 70…but thats if you mark it as salvage value only…otherwise it will be class 85, which will be more expensive…higher the class…the more it costs.

if you were local, and i could help…this would have been a class 70 anyway…and 50-70% off of that.

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sorry ?

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What are the dimensions and weight? Is it palletized?

Dont forget, he is not in NY state…

I know. Neither am I.

Dimmensions are 24x24x20
Weight is 325lbs.

I guess the buyer just wants me to drop it off at Roadway freight here in Charlotte and tell them to ship it to the boiling springs terminal and he is going to pay the shipping when he goes to pick it up.

I could check for a rough door to door rate if you provide both zip codes (origin to destination).