New cashless tolling on the thruway invoice

Got my first invoice for a thruway trip since they switched to cashless. Ski trip to Whiteface, on the way there got on at 50 and got off at 27. Way home took the mountain pass shortcut and got on at 33 and off at 49.

13 line item charges on the new system because it tags you on/off even when you don’t get off. Best part is on the way there they lost me twice, once between 47 and 44 then again between 36 and 34a giving me a $1.69 discount. Makes you wonder how much NY is losing every day, especially when you figure I’m an absolute best case scenario with a NY plate, NY ezpass that is properly linked to that NY plate and the newest excelsior plate on the front and back of the wife’s SUV I was driving at the time.

Well now I’m going to have to check this out. I was just at whiteface last week Thursday and Friday enjoying the 65 degree and 50 degree bluebird day. Was an awesome time! Thanks for the heads up.

Damn guys, I was practically at Whiteface last weekend too, lol.

I make the trip several weekends a month, but haven’t seen the bill since it’s all online. But I have noticed higher prices for the auto renew to my card.

I always get on/off at Utica and head up through Old Forge → Racquet → Blue Mountain → Long Lake → Tupper - > Saranac. The roads are :ok_hand:


I checked mine and found I was charged correctly. I was hoping they missed. haha