Oh mother...

“I was only doing 10”

corey slow down ahahahaha

60 Days? Lame


:lol: I got one of those before.

i got one before for using an ezpass lane w/o an ezpass unit

it was like a 35 cent fare and they wanted me to pay like 40 dollars

i called and screamed … the truth of the matter was the sign above said “cash” and the booth itself was set for ezpass

their fault, not mine … i sent a check in for the fare itrself and told them to go fuck themselves over the phone

if its your first time doing it they waive the 25-35 dollar surcharge. :gotme:

I thought they warned you a couple times first? thats what they did for me at least. I got one for 37mph too. haha

does anyone know if they can (or ever have) written anyone a ticket for, say, getting from Point A to Point B very quick? Say… you clock in at ezpass Buffalo at 10am, and out at ezpass LeRoy at 10:30am :slight_smile: just curious as to how big of speeding nazis they really are…

PS: slow down Corey :stuck_out_tongue: even I don’t speed through the actual booth!

they waved it for me for a number of reasns

  1. the had a large number of people do the same thing in that lane, proving it was labeled wrong

  2. because i called a number of times just to scream at operators / managers

  3. because i told them they werent gonna get anything out of me other then the fare i owed

after 4 seperate calls from me berating them , the operator finaly said “ok just send the XX cents and dont do it again”

as for the speeding between tolls … i went from buffalo to syracuse and back 3 seperate times, averaging 95. 85, 105, 95 and a pair of 80’s, no tickets , went rochester and back a few times at 80+, never got a ticket for any of the times …

but on my 105 trip out to syracuse the toll guy DID mention i made it there WAY to fast, lol and the 95 i mentioned was the return trip from that vacation when i followed a border patrol car that did 95 the whole way home

You cannot get a ticket for speeding between tolls. They cannot prove who the driver of the car is and therefore cannot charge a driver. They can however send a letter such as this one.

rumor is that when theres a highway partol car chillin by the toll booths, the toll taker can tell the officer “the blue topaz in lane 7 just averaged XXmph from XXXXXX to XXXXXX” and thats how u get a ticket

and proof of whos driving isnt always needed, photo radar has proven that … there have been cases where a car was stolen and it got tagged by a photoradar unit then the next morning the owner of the car realized it was gone, a week later hes got a ticket that belongs to the theif, but he cant proove it wasnt him and still has to pay it !

photo radar is a guiloty till you prove yourself innocent kind of thing

christ corey

They can’t prove who’s driving, so any ticket they write would not be valid. Also the 30mph you do for the mile or so to the both and again after usually slow down your average speed by a few Mph.


maybe not in this state, but i know they have speed zone trap things like that in many other states which will issue a ticket to the person who is registered to the license plate, regardless of who is driving

im glad NYS is still behind the curve when it comes to automotive law enforcement :stuck_out_tongue:


oh come onnnnn live on the edge sista.


All you people that argue that they can’t “prove who was driving” are wrong. And while it does vary from state to state how the laws are currently, it would be very easy for them to do it to everyone, not just EZPass users.

“thank you, your toll is $165.80 + 3 points, have a nice day”

Will it happen? Who knows.

and yea … the thing about tollbooths is that theres a camera TWO WHOLE FEET FROM YOUR FACE as you drive thru, im sure they get a good view of your face as you go by … what would it take ? a repositioning of the camera and make it snap off 10 frames in a row ? compare that to the license image of the registered owner of the car … done …

Is all okay now because my mom has contracts with MarkIV industry and well…knowses people. :oh: