new drunk driving laws..


  • 1st offence = $1,000, driving prohibition of one to three years
    • 2nd offence = imprisonment of no less than 30 days, driving prohibition of three to five years
    • Injure someone while impaired = up to a 10-year prison sentence
    • Kill someone = life behind bars

they’re not fucking around anymore wow.


It’s about fucking time they stepped up.

I’ve found it to be so fucking aggrevating that assholes are getting off with what seems to be mere warnings. It made me sick.

At one point the street racing laws were more severe. Then camparing the numbers. It didn’t make sense.

I’ve lost a few friends to drunk drivers. I’ve lost a couple to being the drunk driver.

So I’m really happy with these new laws. Bravo to whom ever decided to put these in effect.

The reason this took so long and “street racing” laws have been around for a while is because “street racers” are mostly teenagers with no voice and no power to defend themselves.

But drunk drivers are cops, judges, teachers, old, middle aged, etc. They do not want shit like this happening so them.

I was so pissed when you could get your car taken away for a week if you were going 50 over, but if you were drunk and just under the limit you would get an overnight license suspension. fucking bullshit, drunks kill SO many more people than “street racers” do every year.

Unfortunately young people with modified cars are defenseless against these accusations and all the old ladies at home watching the news think “oh good, those damn kids are getting off the streets now I can drive safely and peacefully to the mall to walk around every day”

BIG publicity stunt there, lets target the guys who can’t prove their innocence.

I doubt they take away your car on the spot like they do with street racing. It looks like this one actually allows due process, because lets face it, drunkards have rights, enthusiasts do not.

Pff, clearly.

'Cause important people can be drunks too, but only punks who don’t deserve rights are enthusiasts. rolls eyes

Well, atleast you know it Pyro.

Atleast they’re doing something more with their resources.

people will get off of this all the time.

just like that police officer, because he was too drunk to have only consumed the alcohol people said he did.

therefore, when i get caught doing 200kph in a 240sx i will arrive in court and say that a 240sx governs at 180kph, therefore, i could not have been travelling at 200kph. Kthanx bye

^^ Good defense.

Still 80 over the legal limit.
Minimum of $2000 to a maximum of $10,000 in fines, a hefty tow bill, and potential insurance increasements.

Yeah but the point is, dude was drunk, but because he was drunker than he could’ve been off the number of beer he was reported to have had, he got off. He was drunk, and over the limit, but he was farther over than he “could have been off that many beer”, so the case was thrown out.

Bing’s point is you’re doing 200km/h, and they pull you over. You say “well the 240sx is only capable of 180km/h because there’s a speed limiter in the ECU, therefore I could not have possibly been going 200km/h”.

Because you “couldn’t have been going that fast because the car isn’t supposed to”, you’ll get off. It’s just using their logic in a different scenario.

Basically their radar says your car went faster than it “actually can go” stock, the information is “invalid”.

Maybe we should be more against gun/ robbery crimes… or is that a waste of money? Good thing we bought those planes to combat speeding.