new from canaduh

I live on the border of n.y. in st.catharines names jesse and i have met a couple of you and have gone driving with a couple of you.

drive a 93 240sx with ca18 10psi, fmic, every adjustable susp piece you can buy besides lower control arms, oldschool rikens, vs aero bla bla bla

welcome, fellow 240 owner. yours drives at least.

welcome to another nissan on the board

whatup jesse, see ya found the site ok :tup:

i think i recognize your car from one of the 240 meets ive gone to in canada

slide or die i guess :wink:


Ive seen that car around St Kitts…


lol wtf does your front license plate say?

you one of the hardparkers from timmies on lake st?


Yup used to be…don’t have time for it anymore. what the heck is a hardparker?

people that think they are hardcore drivers and sit in a parking lot from 9pm-12pm monday to sunday talking shit, the ones who brag about being good drivers ect.

we used to touge down roads they go for runs down apparently. roads are pretty heat now. but we would run them for hours at a time and we Never Ever saw any of them.

one day we asked them to go driving, one of them who drives a boosted miata made up an excuse that it was too cold for him to drive because his r-compounds wouldnt be grippy and the air was not dense enough for his supercharger.

i was na with all seasons that had 5%.

thats why. :slight_smile:


what up

What’s up man!

:tup: welcome

welcome to the board

whattup Jesse.
do you have a girl that another guy wishes he had?

make em say wha?

i think its quite the opposite, i have many friends whos sisters are just too fuckin hot.

too bad im a nice guy.

its an old cars song

jesse’s girl

i think it came out the year you were born.

LOL ^^^^