new guy with ae86 20v and s12 turbo

im new and live in butler I have a ae86 with a the following mods and am looking to start auto x and drift this spring heres the run down Motor 20v st 4age (165 hp) koyo rad Suspension T3 tension control rods manual rack (aw11) t3 extended tie rod ends with hiem joints T3 4 link rods with hiem joints T3 panhard/lat bar with hiem joints k-sport d-spec coil overs T3 rca’s Driveline Cusco semi solid motor and tranny mounts act heavy duty cluch and friction plates trd -lsd Rebuild stock t-50 tranny was told was a newer tranny maybe someone can clear up Brakes slotted and drilled brembos on all four goodrich steel breaded brakelines all around

Now heres my daily its a 1985 nissan s12 turbo hatch bone stock

the ae86 is my project and it will be nice and clean come spring


welcome, nice cars

welcome very nice

I think burnyd probably messed his pants somewhere…


cool ae86 coupe, seem like silver tops are really cheep now… is that a real ae86 or does it still have the regular rear end?

Get rid of the s12 and put more into the ae86 hahaha welcome to pittspeed!

yes it the real deal gts coupe , hahah well the s12 i kinda need to get to work but dont worry i still have plenty more to put into the ae86 as of now im like 8 grand in and about half done




welcome. heres are some other good local forums aside from this forum with good info. for drift and auto x.


welcome. That’ll be a fun car if you plan to auto-x this season…either Steel Cities Region or NHSCC…

where do you live in butler man?

cranberry. are you sporting a 260z or 510

east of east butler I work in cranberry and Im moving there shortly
datsun king what datsun do you have I got a buddy whos building a 280z with a L28et if you need any parts i can get them

I’ve got a non turbo 280zx 5speed coupe.

I love the l28 hahaha

I wish I had an l28et. They are GREAT motors. they can handle tons of abuse. I live real close to pine richland/mars if you know where that is


how random another s12 owner… same color and all.

arent you jason or something like that the guy who runs jtech, anyway if you are I talked to you a while back about tuning my haltech in the ae86 20v

I think you had two s12s if im not mistakin and the only other one I know of in butler

im the only ae86 in butler I know of too especially with a 20v swap would like to see another one around

yes I do,. Thats cool any future plans with it and what year do you have

Welcome. Couldn’t you just call it a Corolla?

lol whats a corolla :dunno: