New Inspection Law? [re-inspected after you buy a used car?]

well i just got a bunch of tickets
cell phone ticket
expired inspection ticket

I was driving home after buying the dam car thinking i would make it home without any worries but i got pulled over by a dickhead cop that was in traffic with me. he supposely thought i was on the cellphone talking to someone for 2 blocks…i didnt even pick up the phone…well anyways i got a ticket for taht so i know i wont get out of that but i got the car registered and insured that evening.

Then he proceed to say my inspection was expired because i didnt have the car registered or insured. so he gave me a ticket for having a uninspected/expired vehicle.

Is this correct? my inspection is up in april 2007. i didnt know why he gave me a ticket. any clue?

when a seller sells his car, the inspection is supposed to be scraped off along with the old registration

this is to ensure that the buyer isnt getting a ticking time bomb of some sort … and its why u ALWAYS get a 10 day temporary sticker with a new registration

so i have to get it re inspected?


The dmv told me I didnt have to change the sticker when I bought one of my trucks a few years ago as long as it was current.
Thats not usually something cops care about.

its always been like that…if u buy a used car from private owner… no matter what the sticker says u have to get it done again…thats y the DMV gives u a temp when u register it

these tickets are kind of a big deal… well, the no reg/no insurance is.