New Jersey Ends Auto Inspections

Some cost saving moves from New Jersey which is trying to save the state from going broke. NJ inspections are a little different from NY because they have state inspection stations in addition to private inspections. State inspections are “free.”

"New Jersey has become the 30th state that no longer inspects privately owned motor vehicles for mechanical defects.

And emissions testing will now start when vehicles turn five years old, instead of four.

The changes, which formally take effect today, will save the state about $17 million, mostly from scrapping 2.4 million inspections and re-inspections performed each year.

But commercial-plated vehicles — including school buses, limousines, jitneys and taxis — will still be checked for both emissions and mechanical defects.

Critics say the policy change will make the state’s roadways less safe. But Motor Vehicle Commission officials say the state could no longer justify spending million on the inspections.

The state pays a private company to do the inspections and is charged per inspection."

I feel that could backfire…

No inspections in MI and you constantly see vehicles that should not be on the road. Duck tape holding car doors shut and cracked windshields are two things I see on the regular.

Is my reading comprehension really bad or are there more and more poorly written articles?

The way I read it the state no longer performs free inspections but the article doesn’t say they are not required so does that mean you have to pay private garages like in NY?

Seriously, is it me or what?

nice to see another state doing away with inspections. i wish nys would drop it but that’ll never happen.

inspections are not needed. regardless of mechanical aptitude or automotive knowledge, it is the owner/driver resposibility to be aware of their vehicles condition and to keep it up to par. enough of the babysitting bulshit.

lol, they no longer get tax-payer funded inspections and mechanical inspections are no longer mandated.

New Jersey sucks anyways.

^^Are you assuming they are no longer mandated or did I miss that part in the article? lol

Florida doesn’t require them either, and I honestly don’t see any more accidents down there caused by mechanical defects than up here.

Florida also does not have salt on the roads for 6 months of the year and maintains their roads well.

And has a million old people driving around at one of two speeds. Lunatic or absurdly slow.

30 States don’t require mechanical inspections including California and Illinois. If Chicago can go without mechanical inspections, NJ should be able to as well.

Here’s the press release:

I agree with BigRon. I’ve driven in MI a lot and a good friend of mine lived there for 3 years. Every couple of weeks he’d get stuck in some traffic jam because some POS broke down, usually some sort of suspension failure.

I have no problem with NY keeping it’s basic mechanical inspections.

In Buffalo how many car fires have you driven by? I can think of maybe 1 in the 9 years I drove in NY.
That seems to be a regular occurance here. Inspections not only force people to fix problems but also get junkers off the road.

We have so many pot holes, i feel without inspections there would be alot of cars falling apart causing traffic jams.

Ok, so it wasn’t in the poorly written article.

My bro-in-law told me in VA you can’t even have rust on your car, I can’t believe that though. What is it an appearance inspection so all cars look decent? lol

i believe it’s ME you’re not allowed to have rust perforation (holes), met a guy biking in VT who had a civic with metal flashing squares riveted to his car all over like a patchwork quilt and a fresh coat of blue rustoleum applied liberally with a roller, passes their inspection.

Florida ftw they don’t have any inspections

i see plenty of shitboxes riding around buffalo with brand new inspection stickers…its a joke…the tech that inspected my car walked around put his finger in the tire tread…popped the hood…starred right at my header with no cat and 02 sim and said well… safety wise u have 1 license plate bulb out…and then plugged it into the computer and passed…didnt even put my car in the air to check for ties rods or ball joints…which i know are fine cause i just replaced them all but really

they did even less when i brought the wifes CRV in …

so its a joke

If we were to do away with the emissions testing we (NYS) would no longer qualify for Fed EPA highway funding ( as per clean air act 1990) without the EPA funding we’d be more f’d than we are now and taxes etc… would rise. Unfortunately we dont actually care much about clean air, if we did we’d be doing tailpipe testing, noy OBDII. Safety inspections are badly needed in this state, ask any shop owner about how well peep maintain their vehicles in this area its horrid. I wouldnt want my kids playing on a street/lawn if we didnt have inspections. I have alot to do with inspections in this area trust me we need to keep some crap off the road.