New member from Beamsville, ON

Hey, I’m Colin. Avid Nissan enthusiast and have been in love with S-chassis’ since I first discovered them in Need For Speed: Underground. I’m 19 years old and live in Beamsville, Ontario. In early 2012 I finally saved up enough money to purchase my first s-chassis, a 1992 240sx LE fastback. It was my dream car. However, I was inexperienced and bought a rotbox. I saved up money, ordered parts, spent 3/4 of all my savings on this car. I had everything ready to go to get this thing road and show worthy. To my despair though, the car, and all my parts, were stolen from a garage in Toronto where it was all stored. The car was recovered, stripped to s***, but I got it back. Now I plan to restart this project. Be on the lookout for a post covering the entire project from head to toe.

shitty deal man.glwb

Thanks man.

welcome. sorry to hear about your loss. thieves suck.