New Motorsports Park Being Built Near Syracuse, NY (CNYRP)


Bump for updates, new interviews and some layout changes for the road course on their website.


… it doesn’t look any different :gotme:


High speed S turns going onto front straight (assuming clockwise track for road course) vs. previous 90* turn, short straight, wide 90* to front straight.

“Tunnel” turn is now larger radius.

Drag strip not part of front straight.


Dragstrip is now separate so that turn in the upper left is different and no longer an 90* turn, back stretch behind all the parking is no longer just a straight line, and the corners following have been changed as well.


Ah I see it now. Thanks


“There will be a 96db from 50’ sound limit in place for ALL motorsports activity on-site (road course, autocross, dirt track, dragstrip)”

Well forget about having fun there.


The Dirt cars they will be running their won’t come close to meeting that, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it.




The new layout looks like a lot more fun.


some more info from CNY locals


Sounds really promising. I try not to get my hopes up too much when it comes to building tracks in NY but hearing that they’re clearing trees already is encouraging.


Well, that Austin track is coming along well and now they might not get F1… so time will tell!


The construction in Austin was halted. Just an Fyi.



Physical location of the track is here:,-76.135533&spn=0.012159,0.01929&sll=43.253736,-76.135898&sspn=0.012159,0.01929&vpsrc=6&hq=central+square+middle+school&t=h&z=16,-76.135533&spn=0.012159,0.01929&sll=43.253736,-76.135898&sspn=0.012159,0.01929&vpsrc=6&hq=central+square+middle+school&t=h&z=16


Drag strip gone?


Not sure where it is on the diagram but the website still lists information regarding plans of having one so I’m not sure either.


I bet they integrated the drag strip into the front strait like some other tracks have done.

I like the kink in the middle one the best.


Definitely tunnel turn exit to front straight (for clockwise) is best on the middle.

Hoping for heavy banking on that constant radius pond turn.

My concern is that there will probably be none of the typical Friday test & tune before races, or any weekday trackdays during April, May, June, Sept., Oct.


This sounds like it is really coming together, thats exciting!


Really like that they added a bridge on the track to get over the access road instead of the other way around. Cool way to add a little elevation change to your track. Looks like a decently fast section too.


It looks like it should be a fun course. I would visit