New Motorsports Park Being Built Near Syracuse, NY (CNYRP)


Wait… with a school next to it? hahaha. Yep, I’m sure the locals are going to let a dirt track, with a road course, and a drag strip, with all the noise, tire smoke, and debris go in right next to a middle school. Oh, and with lakeside homes for Oneida lake across the highway! This now seems REALLY likely.


Nevermind. I just realized looking closer at their picture that they’re building right along 81 where that exit dips down, so pretty much running right up against the school property line. If you look close you can even see the baseball diamond just past turn 2. Seems like if they’re planning anything other than Sat/Sun events this is going to be a tough sell.


And looking at last year’s schedule they only EVER operated in the late afternoon/evening. When school isn’t in session. The existing dirt track is also pretty far down the road, opposed to be the CLOSEST THING ON THE PROPERTY TO THE SCHOOL. Look, their baseball field is basically in the runoff of the back stretch hahaha.


I can’t believe they think this is a good idea/place to put this track! I’ll be very surprised if this makes it to completion. Unless they change the location, I’m gonna assume this won’t happen. Just another reason CNY sucks.


Did you even see where my google maps is using for it’s location :picard:


I know it’s easier said than done, but there’s a lot of space to the north and northeast of the bay there…


The existing Dirt track is just south of where the new one will be built(see Maps). The locals have delt with the track for YEARS so I doubt that would be an issue. As far as I’ve heard, they are looking forward to the boost in the economy that it will bring. And yeah, I think the Drag Strip will go forgotten. If I didn’t have a drag suspension on my car, I would be there alot. Maybe a road race Silverado SS?


For someone who went to the existing dirt track every week over the past 2 years, some of you are making a bunch of assumptions about what the town will think, This isn’t Erie County where nothing ever gets done. They run open header 410 sprint cars, and Big Blocks with no mufflers that can be heard a good 10 miles a way and no one in the town gives a shit because of the revenue brought in. They run mid week shows every year with no problems, and the people behind this track are pretty influential in the CNY area and have $$$$.


Some locals are saying the drag strip is longer in the plans due to not enough space. Then again, ESTA is close by as well so that could influence their decision.


Yeah, but your google maps link was just a big wooded lot. It wasn’t until they released that latest track image overlayed on the map that anyone could tell they were going to run it right alone the property line.

Just wait and see I guess. Having a loud dirt track in the area helps I’m sure.



Few updates listed on the news section of their website.


Ok I’ve really been looking forward to this track in Syracuse to open, anyone have any news on the status of it? I tried going to the website and it has expired so I’m geting a bit nervous. Tell me they got so far and called it quits??


I drove past it last weekend. Seems like a little bit of work has been done on the corner that comes up behind the old rest area near the school. Hard to tell too much at 75mph from 81 though. For a track that was supposed to open in 2013 it sure didn’t seem like anywhere near enough work has been done.

Guessing it’s a really bad sign that when you go to their official site that the domain has expired.

EDIT2: From their FB page re: the website

EDIT3: A news link from 10/8/12:

Central Square (WSYR-TV) – NewsChannel 9 first reported about plans for a new race park in Central Square in March.

Now, raceway park officials have some news regarding the progress they’ve made.

According to Josh Becker of Central New York Raceway Park, the company is in the process of gaining local and state approvals and permits for the state of the art facility. They hope to open in 2014.

The plans for the raceway include a road course, a synthetic dirt track, and a drag strip.

CNYRP has also partnered with Ephesus Technologies in Baldwinsville, which is working on production of a revolutionary LED stadium light.

So pushed out to 2014 now.


good update I guess.


Thanks Jay


New info merged into the larger thread.


So they dont have permits, that should be a lenghty process with what was mentioned before about the proximity to a school and town.


If only building a track was like building a golf course…


Combine the lack of permits, official updates, domain being down and date being pushed back a year and I have serious doubts we will ever see this track completed. I hope I’m wrong.