New Motorsports Park Being Built Near Syracuse, NY (CNYRP)


We have to stay positive here I guess. I can’t see them getting so far with it and backing out now? How much money they’ll be pissing away, they kind of have to finish it. I’m sure they would get all permits before building it don’t ya think?


Let me tell you a little story about a magical faraway land called Dunnville Autodrome. They built a track, had races there, all without the proper permits. How’d that work out in the end?


Their website seems to be working.


i was unaware they never had the proper permits


Not exactly:

They had a permit to act as a test / lapping track and proving ground which is what they used it for. Most of the noise that the locals complained about was from the Indy Lights / Cup Light Cars and the race teams that used the track for tests. This is how the track made it’s money; not from our lapping days.

The only thing they could not do was have wheel-to-wheel racing and that type of competition which would have required a different permit. It wasn’t classed as a “race” track and never used as one.

The locals tried to get the area re-zoned at one point to make the permit they had invalid. But the permits are based on how the track is used, not on what kind of cars use the track. The track also tried to get the area re-zoned in their favor. Neither effort was successful.[/QUOTE]

The rules changed mid-game to benefit one side. Let’s hope that if this track is built the town folk don’t have 2nd thoughts as with Dunnville.


The Autodrome concluded, in their own due diligence and by their own advisors, that their uses would be allowed under the current municipal planning instruments and chose to proceed with a business decision sometime in 2003, to lease space at the Dunnville Airport and to construct the track. Further, it was the proponent’s opinion that the Autodrome is not a racetrack per se, because ‘wheel to wheel’ competitive racing is not permitted, and as such, Ministry of the Environment (MOE) noise guidelines do not (or should not) apply to this facility."

So they went ahead building a track under the zoning for an airport, and hoped the lack of direct wheel to wheel competition would be a good enough loophole for cover. It wasn’t.



New vid posted, “Central New York Raceway Park, Creation of a Dream”.


Interesting video, hopefully this keeps moving forward.


That video was straight out of the 70’s, lol.



Just picked up a 2 million dollar grant from the state. Holy shit, NY spending my tax dollars on something I approve of for once!


Wow :tup:


Can’t wait for this


Maybe not pertinent to the track but there will be a national SCCA rallycross this year on the site.


Drove past the site twice last weekend and can’t report much progress. Looks like some tree clearing might have been done but didn’t see anything that would make me think a bulldozer had started making an actual track.

Their last update on Facebook was this reply to someone asking about the drag strip…:


+1, as of this weekend no progress in my opinion.

I can’t remember that last time I drove by there in day light. They may have smoothed over some stump holes and consolidated tree piles. Most significant work is they hung a 5’ x 20’ banner for an Apple Festival.

I gave it my McKayla Maroney face.


They just posted this update on Facebook…


Good update

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Yeah nice to see progress. More than a year out for anything paved according to that video though.


This is sweet. Hope it comes together.


Every time I drive by progress seems really slow, but some co workers were talking about going for a race. I laughed and said that all they have done is moved around a couple mounds of dirt in that last 5 years.

There is a dirt (synthetic dirt) race scheduled there: