New Motorsports Park Being Built Near Syracuse, NY (CNYRP)


Why are these people building tracks anywhere NEAR residential areas. The NCM track has been open for <2 years and the neighbors are already trying to shut them down.


I have a feeling we’ll all be driving flying cars before CNYRP has it’s first racing event on a paved road course.

Here’s their official 2016 announcement.

Gets a little suspicious when he talks about how far ahead of schedule the are, then eludes to paved course motorcycle racing next year. I also love the, “we’re probably the only track in the country to offer dirt and paved racing at one facility” statement. Are you or aren’t you? Seems like something you would have done your homework about before making the statement.


Frost out of the ground? FROST ?! WHAT FROST?! Racing this year? Seriously? I highly doubt it.


First time in the last 4.5 years of driving past this place that I can say they actually did something. Before it was, some brush cleared, some small mounds of tree stumps and dirt moved around.

Now it is large mounds of dirt moved. Looks like a big berm running along with 81 fence line.


Sounds promising. We’ll be driving past there in 2 weeks.


2 broken promises;

AMA race moved:

Super DIRT week moved:



Is this the same track @fairgentleman_Z ?



This is the old go kart track that CNY-SCCA uses, they use to do it “enduro” style and let you lap it 5 times for a timed run. LaFayette just got completely repaved.

Since the beginning of the thread:

  • NY Safety Track built
  • Pineview Run track built
  • Nelson Ledges complete repave

I drove by CNYRP in Feburary and still nothing.


Going up north to visit relatives Friday so I’ll be driving past it on 81 so I’ll post an update soon. I’m going to go out on a limb and say they haven’t done shit though.


Ah gotcha. @king was showing me FB pics that this track posted of a freshly paved surface, nice concrete curbs, etc. Looks legit!


I’m going to recommend if you are going that area this weekend that you try to detour to Adirondack International Speedway and check out the Facebook group “Gambler 500 New York”. Think of it as 24 Hours of LeMons for seasonal roads.