New to the board


New to the board here. Name is Cory and am from Ithaca, NY. I am a member of a few other NY boards. Been a member of UBRF for over 5 yrs (& 3000+ posts)
& was on

I have a few Hondas between my Fiance and myself.
'95 GSR w/C5 swap. C5 Donor and parting out soon.
'91 Crx Si w/SOHC ZC, Planned DOHC Zc recipient
'94 Civic Ex Coupe, stock but planned C5 recipient.
'97 Civic Ex Coupe - Stock Daily driver

Not into rice, just clean Hondas with a mixture of OEM JDM /USDM parts.

whats up and welcome.

Hondas and I aren’t friends, but nice rides anyways. :slight_smile:

DSM 4-life. lol

:tup: to the nice civics, i like the c5 teggy :slight_smile: welcome

welcome :wave:

Pics of the Crx, still under construction.

'94 Coupe

Unfinished Integra




whats up?? :wave:



I was on UBRF too, with like 20K + posts


oh well

glad to see ya :slight_smile:

Ya, i think i may have heard of ya…LOL
Your one of those Ol’ school members…

I was one of the Originators :frowning:

HI :wave:

welcome aboard man :o)

:tup: nice collection and Welcome :wave:

So did everyone jump from the UBRF ship and onto this?

Seems like a ton of UBRF’ers or formers on here?


Basically, yes. Welcome.

wow lotsa honduhs…cool :tup:

welcome…and why not just sell a few of 'em, and build one to be a monster?