new to the boards (G35)


G35/350Z engines are VERY hard to pull hp out of without going FI. Headers do almost nothing for our cars, and even an intake/exhaust does very little. So spending $3k in mods and getting to almost the 300hp range is good IMO. And parts for us are alot of money.


yea my exhaust was 1500, and just intake mods were around 1000 used. tune was 660 as well. you have to pay to play with the G’s. but its worth every penny imo.


i need coils and camber kit b4 that bro! but yea i want some work vx-ss 19" step lip with like a 5mm offset. but i dont have 4k to blow right now. lol


Welcome to the forums and very nice car. They are quite a chore to get power from but they’re great cars nonetheless.


a base line G only does 240 to the wheels if it lucky im very happy with my mods and the results i got from them.


thanks alot hudson.


Dope rims works will break the bank man! I’m on xxr 526’s 20" right now and loving them. Got BC racing coils with ichiba rear camber arms getting installed next week so i’ll be lowwwww lol. I would do 20", I think 20" look alot better on G’s… they look like shit on Z’s tho. But work 19" with a 2" drop will look sick for sure.


Welcome from a fellow Infiniti owner. Other than wheels and tint, my car is completely stock. I had plans for this car. Then I grew up. And got engaged. :lol

OT: Dave (Love4Boost) got a G37? Coupe or sedan? Either way…those things are QUICK. Just had one as a loaner last week while my car had the engine belts changed.


he got a black coupe… definitely moves pretty good


yea i was thinking a 19" face with 20" step lip. your a little bit ahead of me lol i still need to go low, then save for rims. i will be home in may with the car, well hit up some meets on the weekends if ppl still meet up on central ave i would like to visit there again. havent been there in a couple years lol.


“The lot” is not what it used to be anymore.

If it even exists this year.


raj is the shit!! visit him almost 2x a week for the past 6 yrs!! i live in menands…its depressing!!


so where does everyone meet up at?


we dont even hang out, mostly everyone hates each other


I actually made a move and I’m trading in the G next week… Got a 2012 evo man! But I’m still down to cruise around i might shed a tear or 2 seeing my G go


yea i can tell. just by reading some of the post and how ppl talk to eachother on here.


what! good for you though man evos are sick. you should part your can out to me, i really want the rare jdm engine harness cover.


lmao, all in good fun, welcome tho


welcome, nice car. I have a set of used dgr coilovers for sale, they go stupid low and have a lifetime warranty. PM me if your interested.