new to the boards (G35)

whats up everyone, im from menands and i own a 2007 g35 coupe. havent seen many around.

just some quick picks…


heyyyy girlll!!!

Hello and welcome!

I’ve seen you around Menands. Menands sucks. Say what’s up to my boy Raj at Subway next time you’re in there… thanks



Fellow G coupe owner here. Cars looks clean, let me know if your ever interested in a cruise since us g coupes are few and far between here

Actually we’ve talked in G35 driver avb22 is my sn haha

Love4boost just picked up a G37 I believe.

Join is up on the cruise and out the names to faces

Welcome G buddy.


welcome brah. I only work in menands, thankfully.

Welcome man, and nice G!

My shop (capital region customs) just installed some Tien comfort sport coilovers, Kintex front adjustable upper control arms, rear camber & traction arm’s, centerforce clutch and some brake upgrades on a G35 coupe last week. Albany Speed Shop did the full alignment after that.

Handles awesome and rides a hair stiffer than stock. Brought it down about 2.5" -3" or so.

If it had another 80-100whp I would buy and build a G for myself, they are a great drivers car IMO.

yea we have…i live on driver lol. my friend tom told me about this fourm

thanks…low is next for me… just have to take a break for now, ive got around 3k in just bolt ons alone and im sittin at 294 whp 280tq. wife doesent like my modding addiction lol

10-4! Thats why my wife learned to stop asking what I am building for myself… and the customer parts I order that show up at the house blend in with mine… so she doesnt know any different! LOL :skid

hahaha thats pretty cleaver…:bowdown


$3k in go fast mod’s and only 294rwhp??? I thought they would make more then that.

Hi. I saw your car at Bed, Bath and Beyond lol. Looks good

This G needs some wheels stat tho man. If your interested let me know I am extremely good friends with Gary at Sage Auto in Norfolk. Can get you anything you want shipped to your door