new to the boards (G35)


cf diffuser, how you been?


Good man still trying to get rid of all these G35 parts I never put on haha


what do you have left over? post them on driver they should go like hot cakes sence everyone is trying to get there cars ready for summer.


Cf seibon ts hood, impul sideskirts from strafe brand new in the box. I have my brembo kit, polished coolant tank, and agency power underdrive pulley kit on eBay. I can’t post threads on driver for whatever reason I have over 100 posts on there so idk what the deal is


pm a mod.


wingless FTW!


Wingless looks so much better man. I almost pulled the trigger on strafe autos trunk before I got rid of the G.

Trunk is so dope man


thats xXhotelcrazyXx car. yea thats pure sexy right there^ what parts do you still have laying around from the g?


Only thing I have left are strafe auto impul side skirts BNIB. There on craigslist but no bits


im in the market for wheels. driver is poppin right now bc its summer and everyone is trying to get there rides looking right. i know you cant post on there but you should make another account. there good sides they would go quick.


rare part from japan :slight_smile:


bullshit i seen that on the shelf in K-mart last night






looks like ill be making a trip up to ny 31jul12-08aug12






you got a space bar BRO!


tonto keep that nonsence out of my thread…thanks BRO