new to the boards (G35)


Gold hardware looks sick.


Looks awesome man! I’m not a big chrome guy at all but I like how that looks


to be honest i am not a fan of chrome either, but these are fully polished and at first i hated them bc they looked and reminded me of cheap chrome wheels, but the gold plated hardware really gives it that extra pop. there also the aggressive fitment i like as well. they kind of grew on me i guess lol


looks great as always shane!! selling any wheels?


Thanks Tyler, no I’m not selling any wheels right now. Who know how long I’ll keep these tho, depends on if I like them on my car. I can always get the faces pc


Cup kit!


lost me after the 5th set of wheels…


I like the first set of white wheels the best but the car looks good regardless-the gold really does make the chrome pop!


I have a GPS if you want need it bro!!


Thanks a lot !


that fitment tho.





That looks sick


Yeah I’m not a fan of G35’s but that looks money man. Nice work


Thank you all for the kind words! Means a lot!


It’s air time!


Oh boy… get ready for some hatred.


No hate from me lol.
You should bend up some hard lines for the trunk.


clean as hell. i like your current wheels the best. link up with killerblackbird or CFD and get some nice pics taken of this thing.