new to the boards (G35)


Sick ride and welcome to the club!!!


Looks absolutely sick man. What drugs do you sell?


Dime bags



you need to stop posting pictures that thing is too clean homie


I hate the gay stance shit… But this car is sick. The wheels and no wing, perfect…


It’s properly done, that makes a world of difference. No questionable parts, no fake wheels, no calling it “fitted & stanced” when we can still see the top of the tire tread. It sits right and is still usable.


I still don’t understand this stanced thing…What benefit does it give you? ( I am merely asking not trying to sound like a dick) …your car looks great and atleast its not over done with the “Stancing?”


It’s running a very aggressive wheel size and offset on a car.

If you were to have an aggressive fitment on your Mustang, you could stuff some 18X13’s at all four corners with an offset that brings the wheel as far out to the edge of the fender as you feel comfortable with or what look you’re going for. Often a stretched tire and some negative camber is needed to clear the fender or that in combination with having body work done to allow clearance for the wheels. I’d say a zero finger gap or lower is minimal for a “proper” stance/fitted look. Wheels with low offsets usually are more exciting to look at, concave faces, bigger lips, or both.

It’s done for aesthetics. Pure visual appeal.

Look up and so on.


you just answered your own question. when done right, just like with most styles of modifying, cars look great. unfortunately it is very popular right now which means, just like with every other segment of car modifying, most of the cars doing it look like shit but they get so much attention because it’s “new” (not really at all). most people just get race lands and fake wheels and think they are the shit, when their cars just look like shit.


This X100.


took some decent pics with my camera finally.


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Welcome to the board!

I am also new, but messing around for years in the 518 (even getting on the news a few times).

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