New Toyota Supra Speculation (FT-1)


You’re right in terms of looks being subjective and that’s definitely part of it for me. I don’t see anything special there.

One thing I love about the last gen Supra was the over-engineered (maybe over-built would be a better term) motor that could handle a ton more power than stock without major upgrades internally. Will this prove the same? I don’t know quite what it is, doing a cookie cutter deal with another company on what ends up as basically the same car is something I’m never a fan of. Like the BRZ and the FRS. Just doesn’t wow me for some reason and I was hoping it would. I’m also always annoyed nowadays with sports cars without a manual option and I believe this may or may not have one.


See this is where people get lost. They don’t know anything about Bmw or their engines. The B58 in the new Supra is going to be just are strong if not stronger. Unlike traditional Bmw motors, this one gets a closed deck. It also has forged pistons, rods and crank. The N54 that everyone in the Bmw community loves, have been known to make 800wheel for a very long time. That engine did not have a closed deck or forged pistons. In my opinion, was the old Supra special? Not really, it wasn’t until they started making lots of power did anyone really give a shit. The 2jz is like a GM 5.3. No one gave a flying fuck until they make stupid power.


Car designs now-a-days just don’t get me excited. My eyes are drawn to all the ridiculous things like the parking sensor pods they added to the front bumper. You can see them to the sides of the front plate. Horrible.

I’ve never been a fan of unnecessary styling cues but I don’t know why those pods bug me so much, lol.


I just wish they made this car resemble the prototype more. The prototype was absolutely gorgeous. I also don’t get the fake vents, then they produce aftermarket parts to cover the fake vents in front of the rear wheels? lol Why put that on the car if its fake and creates less aerodynamics?


Swapped, lol:

And another:


I don’t get going full race car for the swap. You lose literally everything in the interior etc, they pretty much strip it to a roller. I get that they have to go that far with it since BMW electronics don’t work well with anything lol. At that point it’s a useless vehicle other than showing it can be done and going to the track. If they even go to the track and not be just a trailer queen.