New Toyota Supra Speculation (FT-1)


the car is DOA… like 2 years ago… ugh


looks like poo. everything that looks ugly on the new skyline is on this car. the previous gens for both cars were much nicer


so they put a hideous body kit on a 350z?


damn lol guess i need to catch up on the times ha






Isn’t that the FTHS concept? Put on hold/scrapped a while ago.

Pretty sure they’re focusing their efforts on the Toyobaru.


pretty damn ugly i hope they dont make it


Looks like any concept car: wild & ugly. :shrug:


If it was a 2009 model it would of been at dealers a few months ago


they should just bring the old style back (1993-1998), with the same everything. i bet that shit would sell like crazy now. and put it in the sti/evo price range


meh not a fan


I wish they redid the one from the fast and the furious. That one was my favorite body style of them all.


Even that has been put off till 2012 because of the economy, but its as hot as hell


No shit, I didn’t know that. No internet at home doesn’t help I guess…


The rumors of the sports car that Toyota and Subaru were working on have been replaced by rumors that the car has been put on hold. Earlier news had posited a rear-wheel-drive sports car with “wonderful style,” based on the current Subaru Legacy platform, with a boxer engine putting out around 200 hp through a six-speed manual. Originally due in 2011, now, according to Nikkei, the car has been pushed back to at least 2012. If things get worse before they get better, we have a feeling that 2012 will also come and go without Toyota fielding another dedicated sports car entrant. So move along, folks, there’s nothing to see here, please return to your Camrys and cue up Queen: another one bites the dust…

Can you tell we’re a little excited about the planned Toyota-Subaru joint RWD sports coupe? Well, the more we learn, the more we want to know, and luckily Edmunds Inside Line has some new info on the project. The coupe’s RWD platform will be developed from Subaru’s existing AWD architecture, and will be powered by “a revised version of (Subaru’s) naturally aspirated boxer 2.0-liter unit generating around 220hp.” We’re guessing that Subies 2.0 won’t make that many ponies without a turbo, so maybe Edmunds got the “naturally aspirated” part wrong. Since the Integra Type R is identified the project’s performance benchmark, expect a 0-60 time of about 6 seconds. With 220hp pushing only 2,866 lbs. using an STI-sourced six-speed manual, it sounds like the Toyobaru is going to be up to task. And maybe it’s time to stop calling it a Toyobaru. The coupe will be based on Subaru kit and built at Subaru’s Gunma factory, while Toyota’s main contributions will be in the areas of planning and quality control. In fact, the Toyota version (little more than revised exterior styling) won’t even be offered outside of Japan. Then again, if you could buy a sub-3k pound, 220 hp RWD coupe from Subaru with ToMoCo quality control, why on earth would you be tempted by the same thing with a Toyota badge?


More speculative design pics:

Information is sketchy at this point, but CAR understands one is a front-wheel drive car (possibly a go-faster CT200h) and one is a potential successor to the Supra.

Officially, a Supra replacement is denied. But we hear a skunkworks, unofficial project is underway to replace the RWD coupe and some insiders predict a 2014 launch.


Too much like the gtr


I’m seeing 350Z in there too.


… And R8.