New Years Resolutions 09

Most of us tend to keep our New Years resolutions for about as long as it takes to make a popcorn, but yet each year we love to make them.

So let’s hear some of this years resolutions and hopefully the '08 will be different.

Turn the key in project underdog and see more then just the lights turn on.
Get the 636 in one piece.
Become a millionare.

I think I can do two out of three :lol

Im shooting for no tickets
And get the teg done on time

HHHHMMM were to begin!!

go on carck diet!! loose weight my house my family and so on!!!lol J/K

buy more tools to lend to import guys!!! (inside joke)

start to make more progress on car and have ready for paint by summer :nod

do more advertising for the shop

get rid of sum toys. too many to play with and take time from peojects…

Cossey’s resolutions:


Win ESP for the year in Mo-Hud.
Run 12’s in the LGT. 12.999 is acceptable.
Spend less time in court.

Spend less time in court.
Lose some lbs somehow.
Find the cure for cancer and other terminal illnesses.
Go to Florida in March for Sebring 12hrs.
Go to Vegas for Sema w/ JVG. I’ll also be turning 21.

Mine are:
Finish the audio and get some more trophies
Stop buying things i want instead of things i need

remodel first floor bathroom
new cabinets and granite counter in kitchen
rebuild back porch
build “bar back” (big thing that goes behind the bar and hold all the glasses and booze)

if there is anything money left than buy coilovers and new turbo for the evo

Drink less
Get all the major bolt ons done and get the prelude tuned
Road trip somewhere with my best friends

Earn some more cash flow

Purchase a house by the summer

gain 10-15lbs of muscle.
get a job that actually has to do with my degree.
have a bike to ride this summer.

Look into this and join us with all your friends.

Plenty of events.

Surprized nobody said to get in better shape yet, except Cossey brushing by the subject.

Edit: damnit ^

eat food, my bones are too pointy and i’ve never touched a rock in my life… swear to god… seriously.

quit smoking!!! and loose some weight

Bump, who followed up?


WTF did my post go?? :lol

maybe its in one of the other two similar threads? This is the '08 thread

Ahhh sneaky, did not notice that :lol