newb questions!

Hello, I’ve chose to register to this forum because everyone seems to be friendly and very educated in cars, so here I go with my questions, any answer is appreciated.

what year ranges are the s13 and s14?
are there any s14 in toronto? and if so, approximately how much would it be stock?

and is the 240sx equivalent to s13? if so, what is equivalent to the s14?

and what is there to look at/for when buying a second hand car?

Thanks a lot!

HEY, welcome 2 the forums…short answer 2 your question:

  • s13 is equivalent to 240sx (88-94) in North America, s14 are 240sx(95-98)…
    there are many s14’s in Toronto…stock s14 in good condition will cost
    between 6k-12k depends what year…u can olso find an auto rusty one for
    less then 6k…

when u buy a second hand car you should look for low mileage, clear
under body (no rust)…clean history and good mechanical condition…and more.

hope it helps…goodluck!

hey, thanks for the information! i was just quite confused with the nissan 240sx and the japanese ones, cause apparently they look different and i suppose it might be regional differences.

and how should I go about looking for the right s13/14 for myself?
autotrader maybe? just a very very fresh newb with many questions.

thanks for the answers though!

check the for sale thread here or on SON240
theres always a car that fits you budget