Newman's 1986 BMW 326rb build thread.


oh, haha, GOOD ONE.:hsugh:


who doesnt love a dyno dance party


Very impressive #'s…


Nice numbers, did you do anything to the driveline to support the power?


Very impressive dance moves.

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Trans is solid til huge power, I have an M3 dif, the subframe is reinforced… stock axles tho… but I’d rather break axles than other parts…


ever thought of making mini driveshaft loops for the axles? since you know you are going to break them, it would be a shame to beat the piss out of all the nice parts under there.

Nice work. Nice dance moves lol.



pretty solid dance moves :tup:


LOL nice moves. On another note, great numbers :tup: On yet another note, I always love how dyno videos scramble at the end to get a shot of the final numbers as “visual proof” and they always end up as just a blurry mess.


my camera and that computer screen aren’t a good combination to try and capture the moment lol


that doesnt happen on these cars. Ive broken many driveshafts and they all stay inside the boot. They always break at the joints and never in the middle.


[04/26/10 - Wastegate plumbing/driveshaft vibration](


Glad you sorted out that driveshaft vibration, that must have been worrisome at 110+, haha.


I was thinking about this also, I doubt the control arms stay parallel through their range of motion, so how would it be practical to install axle loops anyways?


So I got a ride. Newman’s creation is a seriously fast car, what I would imagine the Mine’s R34 to be like. The next quickest car I have ridden in was Newman’s most recent Sti with the GT35r turbo, a car that was boringly slow compared to the E30. The E30 has sack, probably mid 10’s with the current traction issues.

Out on the uh racetrack in 4th gear, where the car manages to not spin, you feel the power build and build. It’s a pretty linear power band but it gets to the point where it feels like the car is going to take off- and that’s with 4th gear boost limited to about 22 psi. Then you look over at the gauge stack- 130mph and the engine is only at 7000rpm, with another 1000rpm til redline, where 4th would be worth about 150mph, and 5th gear 199mph. In this car, the speeds feel much faster and scarier due to the noise, vibration, and harshness. I am glad we didn’t touch 5th, because I would have been scared for my life, even though I trust Newman’s driving ability. A race gas tune would just be ridiculous.


Lol, nice writeup EJR…


Are you bringing this to Carlisle? I really want to check it out! Such an awesome build.


yes. probably on a trailer tho.


looks great! linked this to my dad last night, he loved it too. thought the pink valve covers were a nice touch, and said “he actually made the stupid fucking box-era BMW look good.”


When you put it into perspective with this:

I’d like someone who isn’t dripping at the pure mention of newman’s name to review the powerband and delivery.


looks great dude. nice work :tup: ILISM