Newman's 1986 BMW 326rb build thread.


lol mpd


does dripping while getting jerked off by newman count? lol

anyways i just went for a ride in it a little while ago
car shits and gets pretty good
fastest car in the world? no
first and second are pretty much useless unless your sliding which in that case they are great
third if eased into is quick
fourth you can get traction and once boost is built it definitely puts you in the back of your seat
never really got to hit fifth in full effect

if i had to guess race wise id say hed be good with fbod guys like pat or jim if newman could get traction


adjust 1&2 for less boost?? or stickier tires




WTF is this shit willis? trailer? drive the friggin thing.


Word! I’m interested to see when I’m actually in Buffalo with free time.


hope i gave you a little better of a description then flatblak lol


With or without the juice? hehe. Seriously though. Time wise it’ll be right there but the innovation and work poured into that BMW are amazing. I’m glad he got it running and running so well.


idk, hard to remember the goodness of your car pat
i need another ride to remind me :wink:

if i had to guess with these traction issues na, with them fixed bottle
just a guess, i could be completely off in this…


Sounds good. bottle will be ready next week. She’s getting tuned. With his HP and his weight i could surely believe it’ll be right with me. I’m hoping to make close to his power n/a then i’m spraying a 150 on that.


Im just here to say there is no way the car runs mid 10’s with current traction problems lol. Shit is dope as fuck though. I was 100% impressed with how it felt on the break in tune. I can’t wait till you get some races.


fucking cool blue wheels pat…




I’d be surprised if it ran an 11 with the current traction limitations, but Newman never said he was building a drag car. Traction is the enemy of burnouts. :slight_smile:


I am trying to get some nt05r on there by next week.


1/4 mile times give some sort of reference to how the car actually performs (off the dyno) on a measurable basis.


1/4 mile times are only a good measure if the car actually hooks. Trap speed is a better measure of how the car performs, but even that is hindered by traction


performance “typically” includes being able to apply the power you make, no?


Once I get some real tires the car is gonna haul.


is this AWD yet?