Newman's 1986 BMW 326rb build thread.


Saw you leaving Jim’s truck stop yesterday. Looks Nasty. :tup:


radials! but really fuck radials youre baller, get cheater slicks


kdw2’s or dr’s


when are you going to give in and paint this car?

ive got a guy…


Saw this thing in person for the first time this week, saw it a few times actually, and it is amazing. Simply amazing.

I am also getting NT05R’s soon, my 555R’s are shot and don’t hook for shit, I spun third on the highway right after that shitty romp i gave you.

Mike said it best though, traction was not made for burnouts, and burnouts are what counts.


Not sure if anyone posted this one.

Made 0-60.


newman = internet




Nt05r ordered.


newman, please address the spelling errors in the 0-60 article…LOL



a budgeted $4,000 build turned into something probably around four times that amount.

So you spent $16k?


He mentioned he spent quite a bit more than that before. lol


i like mine. hook pretty decent. haven’t whacke d em with the bottle yet though so the jury is still out. Great for drifting in the rain also.


I’d asume hes 12 - 14 times that amount


I know he did, that is why I found it funny.
The article stated he knew the rims and ecu alone were worth $4k, so how did he think the rest of the project cost $12k? The seats were $2k, leaving $10k for the rest. Doing this math you run into a negative quiet quickly.


He probably meant 10 times.


40000 for a 87 bmw that can run 11’s, you can also make a great hamburger in the pass seat! (off the exhaust =)


Not that it means anything at all, but I won first place in my category with both cars. (BMW and European other) lolllll


nice. did u get a trophy?