hi i wonder if NGK BR8EIX spark plugs will fit sr20 motors let me no plz

I dunno if the lack of K in the part # matters.

According to NGK’s part guide:

K = 2-ground Electrodes.

The BKR7EIX cost me $12ea. What are these costing you?

ya i wana no about the K i have BKR6EIX in my car
but i got 2 sets of BR8EIX didnt pay for them yet but the guy want 40$ for a set of 4

well compare to your stock ones then… if the length from the seats is the same, then they’ll work with the proper gap… The only thing people are scared of when using the wrong spark plug is when they’re too long which might hit the piston, or too short which won’t fire the mixture properly and bad combustion.

Oh… and also the heat range. If I remembered right the 6, 7, 8 represents different heat range. That’s going to affect your performance too.

ya i no about the heat range but ur saying if they r the same size they will work just fine