No Front Plate Ticket in Kenmore...

Has anyone gotten one of these in Kenmore? Just wondering what I should say/what I’ll have to pay. The cop was cool about it but said he still had to give me a ticket but to tell the DA at court that it was off for a day and he’ll drop it to a $20 parking ticket. Is this correct?


but that 20 dollar parking ticket comes with a $45 dollar NYS surchage lol


from what i went through before… “NO FRONT PLATE” tickets are a set fee ($90) and can not be negotiated. You have no opportunity to correct the problem.

i got one in west seneca about 2 months ago…i went in for the court arainment day and the judge was on vac. so the DA just said they were gonna reduce it to a parking ticket and was it ok with me. i said yea, but they never said how much it was gonna be, turned out to only be $25 but i heard horror stories with the same situation and its a $75 ticket for downtown or sumthing to screw ya, btw no surcharge on that for me either

i second that … its exactly what the lockport DA told me when i got mine