Not forgotten....


Today’s the one year anniversary of the death of Dom (aka Airknight). You’re not forgotten buddy. Keep on riding. RIP.

Everybody be careful on the roads… I’ve had 3 friends in the past week get into very bad accidents, luckly no major injuries.


:word: a year goes by so fast…


RIP Domerick.

RIP Dom. Everyone be safe out there.

wow…i cant believe its been a year already

RIP Dom…

good guy. RIP


Wow I can’t believe it’s been a year, RIP Dom :frowning:

RIP. be safe, guys …


I still say “And for this, I ashame of you” sometimes and it brings him up in my thoughts


Working with him at Delta was fun, i miss that ish.

i still think about how bad we used to rip on him for his blue riding suit…and even he’d laugh. one of the few guys to ever really make me feel welcome at the meets when i first joined up. hes in my heart everywhere i go and with everything i do.

wrd RIP

Once in awhile I find myself impersonating his speech, partially forgetting that he’s no longer with us. :frowning:

RIP…i still miss you dom

RIP :frowning:



Damn its already been a year :sad:…RIP Dom