i heard this on the news today…a 19 yr old motorcyclist from lancaster was with other bikers when he lost control of his bike on a turn rammed into a guardrail and dies…Riders on NYSPEED…be careful and ride safe



ugh…feel really bad…

be safe, guys!

that sucksors



Two of my friends were good friends with him. Very sad.

heads up out there. Very sorry to hear :frowning:

Makes me think of Domerick. :frowning:

same here man…im so glad im getting rid of my bike

no good.

hope his family is coping ok… it’s hard to lose a family member/friend… it’s harder losing someone so young.

hearing stuff like this makes me glad in a way that my bike has been acting up all year and out of service for the last month. I’ve only had 300 miles of riding this season aka close calls thanks to other ass holes…

this still sucks regardless

A Co-worker here was one of the first on the scene there, he just happened to be driving by, 19 is just too young…


that sucks to hear. just a bit ago i was driving home and a biker was being a fucking asshole weaving in and out of traffic on the blvd at like 80mph. not sure if this kid was being a jackass or not but riders and drivers need to be alot more careful.

again very sorry to hear about his death at such a young age.