NY about to pass strictest gun laws in nation


No it just means they’re against it

It doesn’t do anything legally

It helps in court cases/whatever else happens.


I just talked to my dad in Florida and he said there was a 5 mile traffic back up for a gun show.lol


It’s probably all the NYer’s moving to Florida


I just love that we vote these people in, they pass a law and tell us we can’t do anything about it. How messed up is that?


I am looking for a AK 47 or an SKS, I understand it is not legal to buy or sell however I am looking to trade

I have either a H&K SL8-6 or brand new S&W M&P 15

PM me for more details, admins feel free to delete post if this violates forum rules



Hope to see some of you on the 28th in Albany


Anyone see this fuckin bullshit?


Sneaky mutha fochers. You can’t turn your back on a politician.


Lol, good game guys. Good game.


hah. $160-$200/month to legally own a gun… I wonder if you could save a bunch of money on your gun insurance by switching to Geico?


You can add that insurance to the list of non compliance for this guy.


It should be very clear to everyone by now that the state does not want you to own a gun and that these laws are not designed to be complied with, they are designed to turn citizens attempting to follow the law into accidental felons. At this point the best way to stay out of legal trouble is to keep your gun ownership private and only bring the “assault” weapons out on private property. Even then you’ll want a good lawyer on speed dial for when some dipshit cop says that hearing gunshots on private land was his probable cause to search and seize.


I wish my wife wasn’t so set on staying in NY. I’d be in TX for FL in no time.


I hope both the left and right realize if the 2nd amendment can be shredded like this so can all the others. Soon it will be illegal to oppose the leadership vocally, in print and especially the internet. In 10 years I hope forums like this will still be here…


Make absolutely no mistake, if there was any before – this state does not want any private citizens to have firearms. First, outlaw sales, second, require registration and documentation, third, force fees designed to price owners out of ownership, fourth… well, I’m certain you can follow this to your own logical ends. Never, ever thought I’d see this day and I am beyond disappointed in our political system.

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A list of the counties that aren’t having any of it.


Good read on how the NYSafe act stacks up against the recent supreme court cases of Heller and McDonald


Ahhhh, the joys of an overly democratic society. The constitution is meaningless when you have the nation all but equally divided, fighting & willing to give up the freedom of fellow citizens for their own perceived safety.



Pay this poll a visit. :slight_smile:


I’m surprised at how many people are in favor of the government determining who is mentally fit to own a gun, or even better codifying the idea that someone else’s life is more valuable than your own (tougher penalties depending on who you shoot i.e. first responders.)

So many people think that just because they removed a layer that there is no more wool over their eyes.


Well right now one man, Eric Holder decides if you can have your 2A right so…

IIRC there are over 1 million people on the terror watch list which means they can’t buy a gun.