NY about to pass strictest gun laws in nation


That number surprised me a bit too.


just make sure you’re looking at the poll with the understanding it’s a “fox news” audience and as such shows the views of the right only.


Easy on the conservative hate. Being pro gun does not make someone a “fox news” person.

Newsday is well known as a very liberal rag, the standard user base mixed with newcomers should provide a rather mixed sample.


I personally think the majority of the Anchors at fox news are a joke. I support guns. lol

Anyways, so now taking guns away is one thing along with taking smoking away from people. Does this state actually focus on more important things when it comes to polical power?


Fox = Neo-Cons not real Conservatives.


so you think, if one gang banger shoots another gang banger, he should receive the same punishment as someone who shoots a LEO, or assassinates some VIP in the gov’t?


Punishment depends on circumstances too, not just who it is.



cops are usually murdered when they are attempting to save someones life/stop a fleeing criminal… that’s why most cop killers receive the death penalty.
If a bad guy robs a 7/11 and kills someone during it (the victim is 100% innocent) the bad guy will receive the death penalty.

so, it’s not really WHO you shoot, but it kind of is…and this, I believe, is the right thing.



How does my life fit in there? Somewhere between more than a gang banger and less than a VIP? Fuck that. My life is just as important as a LEO’s life.

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You guys need to do me a favor. There is a gun control pro/con argument out there that makes no fucking sense and makes me want to slap a hoe. Please crush it as follows any time you hear it.

Whenever someone says anything like the following:
“Cars have speed limits and registrations and inspections and DWI laws. Should we get rid of them too? Should we get rid of all laws because criminals won’t follow them?”

Please respond politely respond with:
“You dumb blind ignorant slut, your analogy is worthless because those laws exist to prevent ACCIDENTS. Gun control laws try to keep people from INTENTIONALLY hurting each other. Or do you think speed limits are there to limit how hard I can hit your dumb ass?”


I have >$1M in liability coverage and it’s less than half as much as they suggest.


there is already a million laws regarding firearms.

we don’t need any more.

anyone that is for gun control, the banning of “scary” guns, that do NO MORE DAMAGE than any other rifle in your grandpas garage…are fucking retarded.


Also, driving on public roads is not a right it is a privilege.




Breathing air, a privilege, before long.


You realized it’s owned by murdock also, right. There is no hate or love implied, just clarification. I think the stats make sense for a mixture of center right to far right. they don’t make sense under a true cross-section IMHO


Does it cover shootings?

It needs to be listed in there specifically.


Any of you local guys have time to get downtown and support the anti safe act effort?

The county meeting is at 2pm “Opposing NY SAFE Act of 2013,” will be considered by the Legislature at the Thursday, Feb. 21 session, held in Old Erie County Hall, 92 Franklin Street, Buffalo, NY 14202.

on top of the above
gov. cuomo to speak at city honors school 186 e north st. buffalo ny on 2/21/13 at 11am. invite read’s for guest to be there at 10:45 with proper i.d. and it continues to read lets give him a good turn out,



I’m planning on heading down

It’s funny how many people bitch on here but won’t show up here or at the rally in Albany or even take the time to send emails


This describes most our nation…entitled whiners that just won’t take action. These people blame the government and insist they have had NO hand in what took place. Lack of action is actually an action in my book, if you don’t stand up for what you’re bitching about then you’re clearly willing to let everything crumble around you.


Not going to Albany but I was at the rally in Clarence. In fact a buddy who was watching the youtube vid of it called me saying he could hear me yelling at them when they tried to move the news people out before the Q&A portion.