NY about to pass strictest gun laws in nation


If you can help change my month end computer process from 12 hours to say 2 hours, I will go. :slight_smile: It literally takes from 5pm to almost 5am the next day. Sucks!
If it was on the 27th I would go.


Buy faster computers?


I have spent about $25,000 on new computers in the last year and a half, including a new server. I probably need to upgrade the software and that is a huge can of worms. :frowning:
Sorry to get off topic but that is why I can’t go. :frowning:


Software or the network sound to be your bottleneck if the computers are current.


personally I would love to go but have work and already am in trouble with my time and attendence from being sick in December.
I understand the point of these rallies but in all honesty when was the last time a large crowd of people (without guns) changed the hearts and minds of tyrants??


You’re right its probably better to make angry posts on the internet and facebook :lol:

The law suit is progressing

The number of counties opposing the SAFE act are up everyday.

National level they’re already backing off mag size/bans

Vendors are working together


If you don’t think a bunch of crazy rednecks yelling and screaming scares them into maybe rethinking, you are wrong. I hope they ship in some toothless southerners for this rally. :smiley:


People that believe they have no voice will likely have no voice.


I went to the Ontario County hearing on opposition to SAFE, and that was on Valentine’s Day. Sympathetic significant other. :slight_smile:


ooo ooo tell me the one about how guns protect Obama’s kids again LOL…


I am to a point where I believe it needs to be solved by means other than petitions or ralleys, when that time comes I will be ready


And this is exactly what is wrong nobody wants to do anything because its a “lost cause” and rely on everyone else to fight the legal/media and political battle however the same keyboard warriors are ready to “take up arms” when the time comes.


I agree with fighting it with attorneys, however a protest is only useful BEFORE the law is passed. When a law is being proposed ralleys and petitions can help sway the lawmakers opinions, however when shit is signed through in a clandestine manner at midnight … well you get the point
Cuomo wouldn’t give a fuck if the entire state of NY was outside yelling, hell he’s not even in Albany most of the time they have these ralleys.
A group of angry citizens really holds no power without the pitchforks and torches.
I continue to support the legal repeal of these “laws” and would attend the ralleys myself if I were off, the fact remains its a futile effort at best.
What would happen in Texas or Wyoming or Florida if the safe act was pushed through overnight???


The reason those other states you mentioned don’t have tough gun control laws is because instead of bitching on the internet the people GO OUT AND VOTE they don’t have their state controlled by a political party that is against guns.


Maybe you could pay more attention to modern politics look what happened last time the democrats passed an assault weapon ban.


haha your funny, I vote and have voted EVERY election since I was able to back in 1996
Do you know how many candidates I voted for won? probably less than 10%
Ok so voting the scum out of office doesn’t work then what??

my honest opinion is NY is a lost cause and has been for decades, if you enjoy liberal entitlements and a high cost of living low reward state it’s perfect, I am chosing to vote with my feet and would urge anyone who values their freedoms to do the same


I wouldn’t disagree that NY is a lost cause.

However a lot of people never thought gun control was a major front line issue with governor etc.

Hell his approval rating from 70-80% to 50% after that gun debate and now that he is getting rolling with abortion and a number of other controversial topics who knows.


trust me I saw this coming for years but was caught off guard by how quick it came.
I have been shooting guns since the mid 1980s, both my parents were pistol permit holders and I would go to the range with them target shooting as a kid (try letting a 7yr old shoot a pistol today! lol ) .
My dad was chairman of a national orginization that promoted conversation and repopulation to ensure the sport of hunting for future generations to come, hell at one point the local chapter was named after him.
I fondly remember hunting with my dad even as a young kid, even if it meant sitting in the woods motionless for hours or just carrying his gear.
I hung around gun clubs and sports shows most of my youth and have always owned guns. I have ALWAYS voted against gun control candidates.
So trust me , I of all people am devestated by the recent events in NY state.


On the legal side of things this was posted yesterday

"Big News

Mr. Tresmond will be making a formal announcement at tomorrow night’s SCOPE meeting.

This announcement will be a bombshell.

The media will definitely want to attend this press conference."

Interesting to see what he says at the SCOPE meeting tonight.


I have been reading a little about Mr. Tresmond and his case. I bet he either got backing from someone big or has set something up. I don’t think the media wants to cover this story though.


Everyone is guessing he is getting backed by some big time legal team