NY about to pass strictest gun laws in nation


Nationally big or locally big? Hopefully big enough for big national news coverage.


My thoughts are that the news coverage won’t be big on this just because it goes against the government. They will try to hide this as much as possible.


I think they’re pushing for an injunction to hold up the law till after it goes to court.




Erie County just passed their resolution to repeal SAFE.





More good news :tup:


And the people against the repeal in the Erie County Legislature are…


Proof that they don’t care much about rules or procedure but they want to make more rules for you.


I was downtown yesterday and the feeling I got was full support of all the legislators for some kind of resolution but not that particular one. Those who voted against it did so because I don’t think they understood that the purpose was to send a message, that’s it. Marinelli’s resolution passed unanimously and was geared mostly towards the costs associated with the bill and how it will affect local law enforcement. Mazur seemed like he was surprisingly ignorant considering he served in Vietnam. I also think he doesn’t understand this is not about magazine size or what the definition of an assault rifle is… it’s about the lack of respect for our rights as New Yorkers and as Americans. The guy from the city district who said he lives in the ghetto referred to “automatic weapons” and people murdering each other which tells me he has no idea what he is talking about, he just supports any gun control that comes across his desk.


So… what was his big announcement. Really hoping that he got some big time legal backing because his resume screams that he’s way over his head on this case.


Class action lawsuit against the state.



People keep talking about them filing an injunction in a few week prior to the magazine size limit and other things taking effect.

I have no idea how injunctions work against state laws etc


It will temporarily block it from being enforceable until the lawsuits are resolved in court.


I realize what an injunction is lol

I couldn’t figure out how hard it is to get one against a state law.

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From NYfirearms

"Yes. There ere two pieces of news.

One, the legal team is going for an injunction.

Two, the big news, is that the Plaintiffs are demanding a jury trial. This puts the SAFE Act case in the hands of a jury in a county where the act is extremely unpopular.

Thats major news. Even bigger insofar as Article 78 cases rarely, if ever, go to juries."


What are the chances that they’ll be granted a jury trial? Constitutional law arguments are way over the heads of 99.9% of the population.


Slightly relevant, gotta love the hypocrisy of our leaders:

Excerpt: “The US ambassador to Russia has warned against “the sensational exploitations of human tragedy” after Russian officials accused an American woman of murdering her adopted Russian son.”

Exploiting tragedy…man that seems so familiar…








first of all, blasting off two rounds on your back porch (if you live near other houses) is illegal, and you will be arrested.

but, if you fill that burglar with 15 rounds of 5.56… you will not be arrested (will not is sort of subjective here)

Isn’t it sad how ignorant our VP is?