NY about to pass strictest gun laws in nation


Good luck finding a place to park.


Dudes always bring out their Sunday-best camo for pro gun rallies.


How could you see them? They’re so well camouflaged.


Glad to see all the people bitching in this thread in Albany today oh wait…Either way huge turn out :tup:








We had no issue, I was a bit surprised given the turnout.

Nice shots and a good time. Glad we spoke up with our presence instead of just ranting on a forum. :wink:


Dig the signs I’ve seen today



Short clip from across the street today. You just had to be there, you should have been there.


^Some of us have 1 year old twins.


Bring them and up the headcount? :gotme:


I read somewhere that there was almost 10k people here. Cuomo administration was reporting just a few thousand…


that picture looks like it was from early on or late.

I was there, and it was more packed than that.


LZ and I were there for the whole rally and mid way it filled up a bit. I believe this was taken just as the rally was starting. Parking was pretty interesting, I imagine many people drove around aimlessly for the entire rally. LOL
I actually believe I saw them take that pic, I saw a window swing open on about the 12th floor and a person lean out doing what looked like they were taking a pic. That or sniping but who knows with this administration. :stuck_out_tongue:


Y’all forgot the torches and pitchforks.


This would have sent a louder message:



The irony is they only want you to have torches and pitchforks. Lol
Everyone should have brought the little pink hello kitty bubble gun that got that kid kicked out school.
Wben did say not even fake guns were allowed on the bus. :frowning:



Good, any sort of guns would have not helped the cause in the slightest bit.


Little pink bubble guns would have been funny but, I hear you.


On an unrelated but somewhat related note, my friend just built his AR-15 for around $1200 total. Just got the ammo in yesterday.


Congrats he broke the law :lol: