NY about to pass strictest gun laws in nation


how so?


Ugh… just waited in line 2.5hrs at the permit office to add a gun. Got there at 11:30, out at 2. Shoulder to shoulder, line out the hallway when I left…


not necessarily.


Happen to notice what most people were there for?


A LOT of them were adding guns to their permits, the others were applying. While I stood there at least 35+ turned in their permits. I was in there last week, and it took 25 min to add one.


20-25 minutes has always been my experience. I know the pistol permit courses are packed again.


If you follow the law 100%

You had to own said Assault rifle prior to the safe act be enacted


or the lower. If you owned the lower before, then it is legal.


I should also mention this isn’t in NY

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If you ask the NYSP hotline that question they will tell it had to fully assembled etc at that date and if you have a lower now you can’t build it into an assault weapon(1 feature)

However there isn’t a way to prove either and you would never get charged.

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In other news cross post from Ar15.com looks like Troopers are fighting back

"I am happy to tell you that the state police are with the people on this, and are pushing hard for amendments for us all, and not just the LE exemptions. The union met with Il Duce’s General Staff today and delivered the message. They were advised that they would be cutting their own throats for years to come, that Cuomo is a vindictive dictator, and their response was that they do not care. It was overwhelmingly stated that it is a Constitutional issue and that is the baseline for LE powers and for the laws they enforce. If it doesn’t pass that barometer it doesn’t get LE support.

The Union is pushing for non LE issues in the amendments. Cuomo will not budge on mag limits or definitions , and the Union is trying to get them to move on registration and the whole ammunition thing. They are naturally pushing for LE exemptions, as they are a Police Union, but they advised that there is considerable pushback from the NYC Pols, as they do not like NYPD. They stated the “on duty” exemptions would probably be a go but anything else is an uphill fight. The troopers advised them that they would be fine with NO exemptions.

If you think these guys are against us or are only acting on behalf of themselves, you are WAY off base. I’ve been told that there were 50+ veteran road troopers, sergeants and retired guys speaking with one voice on OUR BEHALF. That is huge, and these guys deserve our support and thanks. "

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Oh and more on the rally I guess Bill Nojay was interviewed and mentioned these fun facts

"-Troopers are very much with us
-Cuomo ordered sensitivity on security screeners turn up to max to cause delays
-Cuomo ordered state police to have minimun security screen lanes open to get into the concourse
-Cuomo was in brooklyn and long island to avoid the whole thing

  • 3 or very few trash cans put out to appear as we were all slobs
    -Cuomo himself called on the seiu to buss in counter protesters from brooklyn/ nyc to cause disruptions possibly confrontation at rally. Nojay and others looked into the matter and revealed cuomo seemed be the one who ordered this. They thru several channels, messaged the governner they were aware of it and any bloodshed or confrontation is squarly on him. Its was a clear effort to incite. The counter protest was called off last week "


the last time a gun killed someone was…never. people kill people… my vulcan friend can kill with a thought , although he would never. i think its easier for government and other well paid bullies to make us subitmit when we dont know our rights. just like when hydro tried tresspassing and puttin a smart meter on my land . i showed him my sidearm. he returned with a officer and supervisor who were told by me not to tresspass. have a nice day




Went to my local Chamber of Commerce luncheon today and was able to hear Mickey Kearns and Senator Pat Gallivan both give speeches. I personally thanked both of them for voting against the bill.

I asked if there was a revote, would they keep their vote the same and they both said yes :tup:


So the latest from the Democrats feeling pressure from the upcoming lawsuits/everyone is suggesting “Allow 10rd magazines but only loaded with 7rds and 3 BLANKS”



LOL. politics and government has become just completely comical to me now…everything is so fucked up and ass-backwards that I can’t help but just laugh in disbelief.


That is even dumber than the law itself. Get caught with 10? Fire 3 and be legal.


random thought but would a belt fed semi auto be legal?


Went to Utah and couldnt believe how easy it was to get a pistol, rifle, shotgun…etc. Along with a 100 round drum clip for an ar15 in stores.

Take a look at this chart, maybe not to creditable and yes its 2011, but still gives an idea.

I typed this somewhere else… just copying over.

Funny seeing the chart on this site. Utah having some of the easiest means of arming your self. (15 min to get a pistol with a back ground check, also allowed to own full auto and 100 round assault weapon clips) Has amongs the lowest on this chart, yet the place with one of the highest gun laws…has some of the highest ratings. Why is this?

Scroll down to the numbers shown for 2011 for each state with amount of firearms owned and murders. Place in order if you wish by clicking at the top.





A lot of it has to do with lack of shitty urban areas also